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PODS & SODS NETWORK To Appear At Rock n Pod 2 – Perks Available

The Nashville Rock n Pod Expo is proud to welcome back the PODS & SODS NETWORK. A podcast for the musically obsessed, it is hosted by the thoughtful duo of Craig Smith & Eric Miller.

The PODS & SODS NETWORK has been kind enough to offer perks for interested donors. Details below!

Clamoring for KISSMAS V? Well, wish no more! For the very low donation of $40 to the NASHVILLE ROCK N POD EXPO, you will receive your very own KISSMAS present: a KISSMAS episode dedicated to YOU – and for ONLY YOUwhere you pick the topic and chat with us if you would like! We will put down at least 45 minutes of audio and then mix, master, and send it to you where you can do with it what you wish: you can upload it for the world to hear or keep it in your portable player where no one will ever find it. You can trade with friends or be a hoarder – it’s your choice. It’s no longer ours once we send it out, and this is the ONLY way to hear Pods & Sods riff on KISS this KISSMAS.

To register for any of these perks, please click on this link, add your name on the Go Fund Me page and confirm your donation by messenging the show via their Facebook page.

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