Simply donate any amount and in the Comments section put DONATION FOR Growin’ Up Rock or just GUR will do just fine.

Admission Tix Cost

$10 Donation gets you VIP Audio Access to exclusive content

$20 Donation gets you in an hour early to the Expo for first crack at the vendor stuff plus the VIP audio content

$5 Donation gets you entry into the raffle to win the following prizes (no limit):

Autographed copy of Bob Kulick’s Skeleton’s In The Closet CD

Stage used Paul Stanley or Gene Simmons guitar pick from the Animalize Tour

XXL Prototype Growin’ Up Rock Black Tee-Shirt

Winners will be chosen at random at the end of the RnP2 Expo on August 25th and you will NOT have to be present to win, so you can donate from anywhere in the world! We will notify winners the following week.

GROWIN’ UP ROCK Podcast have now updated their perks for interested donors. Details below!

$10 – You get to pick the Crank It Up Music Spotlight for an Episode (no limit).

$25 – You get to record your own Growin’ Up Rock Story – how you got into Rock n’ Roll and some of your early memories and music that meant a lot to you back in the day. Up to 30 minutes with Steven and Sonny.

$50 – You come on the show and record an episode of This Ain’t No Disco, where you pick a year, and we discuss some of the killer hard rock and metal albums released in that year, and you get to pick 8 to 10 songs to play.

$75 – You take over the show. You come on with Steven and Sonny and we discuss a rock n roll topic you are interested in, and then you help us pick some of the music that gets played.  In addition to this, we’ll send you an XXL Prototype Growin’ Up Rock Black Tee-Shirt and some stickers thrown in.