Welcome to the first of our special interviews with podcasters attending the Rock n Pod 2 Expo in Nashville, where we put the hard questions to them and see what they’re looking forward to at the event.

First up, we interview CGCM Podcast from Canada, featuring the legends Rich “The Meister” Dillon and Wally “Gator” Norton.  The show is building up a great following, due to their huge energy and humor, along with the fantastic rock music that they play.

So, CGCM Podcast – what is it all about and how did you start it?

Meister: It’s two beer loving, back bacon eating, touque wearing, hard rock/metal music passionate Canadians talking and spinning great Hard rock/metal tunes. Each episode has its theme/topic and we are sponsored by a music themed brewery, so we drink a bunch of beers too! We evolved from guest hosting the Decibel Geek Podcast each US Thanksgiving for the past 6 years.

What has been your favorite episode and why?

Meister: Each and every one is special to me, probably more so than like my own children (were I to have any).

Wally: No question, my favourite episode to record so far was Episode 16: Around the World in 80 Episodes – Switzerland. It was so much fun recording with some good friends and hearing our guest call the Meister an “Asshole” has totally been the highlight of my podcasting career.

How did you come to be involved in Rock n Pod 2?

Meister: CGCM jumped on board last year and helped fundraising supported by our listeners…..and we didn’t even attend! Year 2 and nothing could keep us away….except maybe Rockin’ Ron Runyon, is he gonna be there?

What are you looking forward to about RnP2?

Meister: Beers with friends……

Wally: I have a whole list! But I will keep this BRIEF. Getting to watch the Meister wearing my underwear on his head all day will certainly be a highlight. The other thing I am truly looking forward to is meeting all the other podcasters, some of whom I have been a fan of for years and many I consider friends yet have never met. Oh, and I think they mentioned beers. Oh, and the jam at the end of the night!

Who are you most looking forward to meeting and why?

Meister: Well, since I’m already the most important person attending I should think everyone’s answer should be Meister!…..For me, well, maybe Muses and Stuff….cause, well,…..muses….

Wally: Well, obviously our parents, Chris (Czynszak) and Aaron (Camaro) (Decibel Geek Podcast) who willingly or not spawned our silly show. If only they had thought to use protection that night.

What can attendees expect from CGCM – any special events planned?

Meister: Well, if anyone buys it, one perk sees me wearing a pair of Wally‘s underwear on my head for the duration of the event! See our FB live video from March 14 for details on that fiasco event. Aside from that, expect two drunk Canucks saying “eh” alot…..can we fry back bacon at our table?

Wally: My idiot co-host wearing underwear on his head, that’s about as far as we have planned.

What would you like to achieve with the CGCM Podcast?

Meister: Find more sponsors so we get more free sh*t……and get folks listening to new bands and buying the merch!

Wally: This may sound sappy, but I think I have already achieved it. The first time one of our listeners texted us and thanked us for turning them on to (insert band here). That is why we do it, and it’s a double bonus when it’s a Canadian band that we turn someone onto.

What is the best thing about podcasting?

Meister: My face is for radio not TV….see aforementioned FB live……and the free beer thanks to Rhythm and Brews.

Wally: Our beer sponsor  – Rhythm & Brews.

What is the worst thing about podcasting?

Meister: Wally!

Wally: That we don’t yet have a whiskey sponsor.

Finally, who would you like to interview for the podcast – your dream interviewee (living or dead)?

Wally: I bet my co-host answered, a dozen or so female fronted metal acts. Maybe we should invite them to Rock n Pod and he can interview them wearing my underwear on his head. LOL.

HMMM? Dream Interview? Traci Guns or David lee Roth.

Meister: (Seeminly confirming Wally‘s prediction) Doro Pesch…..or Liv Jagrell…..or Priya Panda……or Lee Aaron…..all interviews will be conducted in a hotel room and clothing optional. (Oh dear…)

Thanks guys!

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