I Love It LOUDcast comes to ROCKNPOD Expo

We’re thrilled to announce that the I Love It LOUDcast will be joining us at this year’s Nashville ROCKNPOD Expo! Check out the info below to get more information on this great show!

I Love It LOUDcast

Peter Cecere and Vinnie Falleti

Facebook( I Love It LOUDcast) ; Twitter ( @ILoveItLOUDCast). ; email: iloveitloudcast@gmail.com 

Free on Spotify,Apple Podcasts; Podchaser.com and on our Facebook page and Twitter account 

Posted every 2 weeks on Friday mornings.

Description: The free music podcast for lovers of everything Rock , Hard Rock and Heavy Metal; hosted by 2 dudes just like you! Vinny Falleti and Peter Cecere discuss everything and anything adding sometimes highly opinionated, always honest and often unfiltered but educated commentary in a lighthearted and many times comical fashion.


Get your tickets to attend the Nashville ROCKNPOD Expo on Saturday August 10th at the Nashville Airport Marriott! www.nashvillerocknpodexpo.com/ticketing

Book your discounted room and stay on site! www.nashvillerocknpodexpo.com/venue