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GARY CORBETT RETURNS FOR ROCKNPOD 2021 We’re excited to announce that Gary Corbett (KISS/Cinderella) will be joining us for the ROCKNPOD Expo! Known by many for his tenure as a live member of KISS and Cinderella, Gary is a Grammy Award-winning musician and has contributed to over 27 albums. Additionally, Gary has worked with Lou Gramm (Foreigner) and all of Bob Marley’s sons. He’s well-known as songwriting circles as the co-writer of the 80’s Cyndi Lauper hit, ‘She Bop’ Here's Cyndi Lauper with ‘She Bop’, co-written by Gary Corbett: https://youtu.be/KFq4E9XTueY ROCKNPOD Weekend takes place August 6-8 in Nashville TN. Full details available at Rocknpod.com! Tickets: https://www.nashvillerocknpodexpo.com/ticketing/ Guests: https://www.nashvillerocknpodexpo.com/guests/ Venue/Hotel: ROCKNPOD 2021 takes place at the Hilton Nashville Airport! Hotel Discount: Book your room to save money and stay on...