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STEELCITY ROCKS ITS WAY INTO ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021 We’re thrilled to announce that SteelCity will be joining us at ROCKNPOD Expo 2021! Thunder and lightning. Two words that can be used to describe the incendiary sound that is SteelCity. Thunder by way of a booming, monstrous rhythm section. Lightning in the form of heavy, riff-driven guitars, soaring lead vocals, and lush harmonies. This is hard rock music that truly mesmerizes the listener the very instant they hear it unleashed. Brash yet sophisticated, unapologetic yet still heartwarming, SteelCity provides an unabashed homage to the Golden Age of Hard Rock, harkening back and speaking directly to you, becoming part of the soundtrack of your life. Initially started as a solo project by founding member, principal...