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Burnton C. Bell

Burton C. Bell

Fear Factory, Ascension Of The Watchers


Burton C. Bell is a Grammy nominated artist, an original founder, vocalist, writer and designer of the influential, industrial / metal band Fear Factory. Since 1990, Fear Factory has recorded 10 full length albums, inspired by the concepts of “man vs. machine”. Fear Factory toured the world relentlessly, supporting major acts like Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, and Metallica. In 1999 Fear Factory earned a gold record for their concept album OBSOLETE.

Burton was the vocalist for Geezer Butler’s (Black Sabbath) first solo endeavor G//Z/R, with the album PLASTIC PLANET.  Burton created the band Ascension of The Watchers with band mate, and good friend John Bechdel, exploring the textures and ambience outside their known genres. Their first, full length LP, NUMINOSUM, was released on Al Jourgensen’s 13th Planet Records.

Burton appeared as a guest vocalist with the seminal band, Ministry,  on TWO different albums, THE LAST SUCKER, and AMERIKKKANT.  He was nominated for a Grammy on the cover of, Under My Thumb, on the Ministry release COVER UP.

Burton helped establish the Vancouver based band, City of Fire, recording 2 albums, the self titled CITY OF FIRE, and the followup, TRIAL THROUGH FIRE,  in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada, With City of Fire, Burton exploring the hard rock styles of music, extending his vocal range beyond the industrial / metal scene.

In 2015 Burton independently released his first graphic novel, THE INDUSTRIALIST, based on the Fear Factory album of the same name. All copies sold out!

Burton has appeared as a guest vocalist on countless albums, with bands that have been influenced by Burton and Fear Factory.

Burton is currently anticipating the release of the new Ascension Of The Watchers album, Stormcrow/Apocrypha, later this year.