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Tommy Skeoch ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Tommy Skeoch

Resist & Bite (former Tesla / Bar7)


If it’s music’s prerogative to change with the times, then Tommy Skeoch is along for the ride. After playing guitar with Tesla from 1984-1994 and 2000-2006, Tommy has released quite a few records and singles that run the gamut from screaming guitar to introspective and soulful songs – all with Tommy’s special flavor of guitar.

Resist & Bite is Tommy’s great new band.. The band features drummer David Parks (Derek St. Holmes/Casey James), vocalist Nathan Utz (Lynch Mob/Blonz), bassist Brian Powell (Jason Michael Carroll), and guitarist Steven Stokes (Southern Rock Revival).

The band recently finished production on their debut album with producer Michael Rosen (Santana, Journey, Death Angel, Testament etc) in Nashville.