Check out this year’s guests:

Billy Sheehan ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Billy Sheehan

David Lee Roth / The Winery Dogs / Sons Of Apollo
Don Jamieson ROCKNPOD Expo 2021

Don Jamieson

Comedian / Podcaster
Carmine Appice Vinny Appice Appice Brothers ROCKNPOD Expo 2021

Carmine & Vinny Appice

Drumming Legends
Riki Rachtman ROCKNPOD Expo 2021

Riki Rachtman

Host Of Headbangers Ball / The Ball
Mark Goodman ROCKNPOD Expo 2021

Mark Goodman

Matt Pinfield ROCKNPOD Expo 2021

Matt Pinfield

MTV VJ / Radio DJ

Ron Keel

KEEL, Ron Keel Band
Roxy Blue ROCKNPOD Expo 2021

Roxy Blue

Ace Von Johnson ROCKNPOD Expo 2021

Ace Von Johnson

L.A. Guns / Neon Coven
Pamela Des Barres ROCKNPOD Expo 2021

Pamela Des Barres

Craig Gass ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Craig Gass


Gregg Bissonette

Former Dave Lee Roth / Ringo Starr
Toby Wright ROCKNPOD 2021

Toby Wright

Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams

Talismen ROCKNPOD Expo 2021


Featuring Members Of Gene Simmons & Ace Frehley's band
Jason Bieler ROCKNPODEXPO 2021

Jason Bieler

Solo / Saigon Kick
Resist & Bite ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Resist & Bite

Featuring Tommy Skeoch
Lea vendetta ROCKNPOD Expo 2021

Lea Vendetta

Ink Master
Tony Harnell ROCKNPOD Expo 2021

Tony Harnell

TNT, Lovekillers, Westworld
Walter Egan ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Walter Egan

Sandy Gennaro ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Sandy Gennaro

Joan Jett / Pat Travers
Martin Motnik ROCKNPOD Expo 2021

Martin Motnik

Drew Fortier

Drew Fortier

Film Maker / ex-Bang Tango
John Billings ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

John Billings

The Monkees / Rick Springfield
Courtney Cronin Dold ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Courtney Cronin Dold

Comedian / Podcaster
Greg Renoff ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Greg Renoff

Jax Hollow ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Jax Hollow

Singer Songwriter
Gary Corbett ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Gary Corbett

Kiss, Cinderella
Jymmy Tolland ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Jymmy Tolland

The Lonely Ones
Ashton Blake ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Ashton Blake

Native Sons
Andre Labelle ROCKNPOD 2021

Andre Labelle

Flood The Engine
Rick Ruhl ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Rick Ruhl

Every Mother's Nightmare
Tora Tora Nashville ROCKNPOD Expo 2021

Tora Tora

Tora Tora
Chris McLernon Nashville ROCKNPOD Expo 2021

Chris McLernon

Saigon Kick, Cold Sweat
Abby K Nashville ROCKNPOD Expo 2021

Abby K

Abby K
Rik Fox ROCKNPOD Expo 2021

Rik Fox

Steeler, W.A.S.P., Sin
Tommy Skeoch ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Tommy Skeoch

Resist & Bite (former Tesla / Bar7)
SteelCity ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021


Brandon Cook ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Brandon Cook

A Taste of a ROCKNPOD On-Stage Panel!

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