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MATT PINFIELD WILL BE AT ROCKNPOD 2021 We’re excited to announce that Matt Pinfield will be joining us for the ROCKNPOD Expo! Matt Pinfield is a well-respected TV and radio host and music historian and celebrates 36 years in professional radio and 28 years on television. He was the host of numerous MTV programs including the influential alternative show 120 Minutes. He has hosted shows and appeared on many networks including MTV, VH1, MTV2, VH1 CLASSIC, MTV CLASSIC, HDNET, MUCH MUSIC, USA, AXSTV, NICKELODEON, IFC, FX, FOX, CNN, CNN INTERNATIONAL, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC. FORMER MTV VJ MATT PINFIELD His professional radio career includes an 11 year run at K-Rock in New York City. Morning shows in NYC and San Francisco, 100s of...