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RIK FOX WILL BE COMING TO ROCKNPOD 2021 RIK FOX FORMERLY OF STEELER, W.A.S.P., AND SIN We’re excited to announce that Rik Fox (Steeler, Sin) will be joining us for ROCKNPOD Weekend! "RiK FOX, "The Winged Knight of Heavy Metal", a veteran of the mid-1970's New York City Max's Kansas City and CBGB'S rock scene and the New Jersey club circuit, at the request of Blackie Lawless, to audition for his band Sister, Rik Fox arrived on the Los Angeles rock scene in February 1982, just in time to ride the wave of greater notoriety after becoming the bassist for what became WASP and recording with and naming the band, before moving on, and building his chops with Warlord, before making his Los...