ROCKNPOD has a long history of unique, cool vendors and exhibitors. From music memorabilia
to vinyl vendors to comic vendors to band/brand promotion, ROCKNPOD offers a great
opportunity for vendors/exhibitors of many types to market to an engaged audience.

ROCKNPOD Expo takes place Saturday, March 18th with a focus on music, pop culture,
podcasting, and more. Nashville Rock & Comic Weekend is also taking place on Sunday, March
19th with a focus on comics, horror, pop culture, and more. While there will be crossover with
some of the audience, it also will provide an opportunity to market to separate audiences on
each day. Both events will take place at the Expo 3 Building at The Fairgrounds Nashville.

ROCKNPOD Vendor Registration is $110.00 for a 10’x10′ Booth Space.
Add on Nashville Rock & Comic Sunday for an additional $40.00