Gary Corbett Is Coming Back To ROCKNPOD EXPO

Gary Corbett ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

GARY CORBETT RETURNS FOR ROCKNPOD 2021 We’re excited to announce that Gary Corbett (KISS/Cinderella) will be joining us for the ROCKNPOD Expo! Known by many for his tenure as a live member of KISS and Cinderella, Gary is a Grammy Award-winning musician and has contributed to over 27 albums. Additionally, Gary has worked with Lou […]

Jason Bieler To Appear At ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021

Jason Bieler ROCKNPODEXPO 2021

JASON BIELER RETURNS FOR ROCKNPOD EXPO 2021 We’re excited to announce that Jason Bieler will be joining us for the ROCKNPOD Expo! Jason Bieler is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter who is most famous for playing with hard rock band Saigon Kick. He has also played in other bands, including an early touring version of […]

Andre Labelle Returns To ROCKNPOD Expo

Andre Labelle

THE DRUMMER HAS WORKED WITH CURRENT AND FORMER MEMBERS OF KISS, JOURNEY, STEPPENWOLF, W.A.S.P., AND BUCKCHERRY We’re pleased to announce that Andre LaBelle will be a returning guest at ROCKNPOD Weekend! Andre has recently recorded for Robert Fleischman (formerly of Journey) and his band, The Sky. His drumming is showcased for Flood The Engine, a […]