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We're thrilled to announce that Tommy Skeoch will be a guest at ROCKNPOD 2020! If it’s music’s prerogative to change with the times, then Tommy Skeoch is along for the ride. After playing guitar with Tesla from 1984-1994 and 2000-2006, Tommy has released quite a few records and singles that run the gamut from screaming guitar to introspective and soulful songs – all with Tommy’s special flavor of guitar. Tommy Skeoch   Tommy recently launched a new project called RESIST & BITE. Joining him in the group are ex-LYNCH MOB lead vocalist Nathan Utz, guitarist Steve Stokes, drummer David Parks and bassist Brian Powell. ROCKNPOD Weekend takes place August 14-16 in Nashville TN and inlcudes a preparty concert on Friday (08.14), ROCKNPOD Expo on Saturday...