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We’re pleased to announced that Danny Farrow will be a guest at ROCKNPOD! Danny is a Professional Sculptor and Musician. Danny is currently the lead sculptor for Figures Toy Company and has sculpted officially Licensed figures of the Rock group KISS, DC Comic figures such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman,the Batman classic 66 tv show and much more. Danny also sculpted an exclusive Toys R Us Classic Planet of the Apes Soldier Ape two pack for the company "Neca". He was originally discovered from his realistic looking Custom sculpted figure work you can see on his Facebook page The Farrow (www.facebook.com/thefarrow). [caption id="attachment_581" align="alignright" width="300"] Danny Farrow [/caption] Danny is also a Songwriter and Guitarist who is best known for playing with Punky Meadows of 70s...